Body Transformer: Fun with Magic Rings

 I just acquired a pair of magic rings. When I wear one and someone wears the other, I have complete control over their body and mind. My first plaything will be my annoying little brother, Todd.

"Hey, will you wear this ring for me," I asked. He put in on and a wave of light passed between us. Wow, this is going to be fun. "Ok, first, you need to be a chick." I said, basically laughing as Todd quickly shrank down serval inches and sprouted two nice perky breasts under his shirt, while his ass puffed out into a spankable bubble butt. "What the fuck?!" exclaimed Todd. I didn't even feel like explaining. "Okay, Todd, now you will become irresistibly attracted... to me!" In a moment, Todd, in his tight new, feminine body, began to smile and say, "Ohhhh, will you turn me into an even hotter chick? If we are going to fuck, I want to make it the best sex of your life!"

Danielley Ayala

I laughed again and commanded him to have, "Bigger tits and to be in a little two-piece." I put my hands on Todd's new chest and gently massaged her perky breasts. They slowly swelled, pushing my hands further and further away as I massaged them. Todd let out a low, feminine moan as her breasts became a pair of massive mommy-milkers in my hands. I twisted her nipples to make them even perkier. Todd could not help but begin to grind up against me, wet with carnal anticipation, as I put the finishing touches on his buxom, stripper tits. "Ok, Todd... Your name is now Tanya and your only job is to be my new sex toy." "Yes, Yes, Yes!!!" squealed Tanya as she jumped on top of me and took her new juicy hooters and shoved them directly into my face. "Suck 'em, big boy. Until the milk comes out." I sucked her tits while she hungrily took my pants off. Soon, she was straddling my lap, running her hands up and down her curvaceous physique, and whimpering, "Fuck me master, I live to serve you." That was weird to hear coming from the body that has recently been my brother's, but her sex drive was too strong. I began to penetrate her perfect, warm pussy, stroking slow and that fast. She was completely giving her self up to me, orgasming again and again, practically shrieking in ecstasy, as I found all of her spots. My cock was so hard, filled with cum, engorged by Tanya's devotion to my pleasure. "Oh, come for meeeee, give me that baby batter..." was Tanya's shrieking as I filled her perfect pussy with the fattest load of cum imaginable. With each climatic thrust, she pulled me closer to her and her soft boobies, as if she never wanted to let me stop cumming inside of her, as if the pleasure for her was unspeakably strong and satisfying. She turned over, showing me her fat, naked, glorious bubble-butt and said, between pants of exhaustion, "I want more."


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